Mar 24, 2015

Inspiring music for a kickass writing session


This tasty, artsy, yummy Italian band’s first full length album, somewhere between Four Tet’s dream state and Imogen Heap’s entrancing electronica, is a fusion of different music experience in an unique, innovative lethal mix of IDM, indietronica, synth pop & dupstep.

Torafugu stand tall among internationally acclaimed acts that blew up in the last few years. They hit the ground running with 2009’s Spot the Rain and are still leading with their new project, Downtime, by Yalla Records, a delirious, delusional statement on that marvellous damnation known as daily life.

Downtime is available for free download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

“Either you spend your whole life running after improbable situations and sensations, or you choose to surf the marvellous waves of an ocean of daily wasted time” (A. Reverberi).

Check out this rapturous studio performance of Sirens

For more information and downloads:

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