Apr 27, 2014


Einstein: His Life and UniverseEinstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Walter Isaacson's biography of Albert Einstein is based on a set of letters that were kept private for a long time and finally released just a few years ago, offering a deeper insight on some unresolved issues about the public figure of the Professor as we know him.
The biography is nicely calibrated to cover all aspects of Einstein's life: first of all his private life, his love for his family and his country, his rebellious way of thinking and his struggle to get accepted in the academic world. Secondly, the author takes the readers on a journey through physics and discoveries that changed the world for ever. As much as I was hoping to understand more about the theory of relativity and its connections to the atomic bomb I have to admit that didn't happen. Walter Isaacson's style is simple and concise, accessible to everyone no matter what scientific knowledge they possess. Still, my brain likes colors and words but refuses numbers and concepts. Nevertheless, I was still able to enjoy the reading and grasp the meaningful relations between Einstein, the world politics during his lifetime and the different atmosphere of Europe, Russia and the USA in those fervent years.
I recommend this book to everyone, not just to learn about the life events and scientific discoveries of a genius, but to enjoy his witty quotes and heartfelt humanity.

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