Dec 8, 2014


I have been posting on ALL YOU CAN WRITE for nearly two years now, and I just finished a thorough review of all its contents starting from Day One up to last week.

My dream is to connect with other writers, get their feedback on my posts and visit their blogs in return. I am looking for travel companions in this fabulous journey that is becoming a writer. In September 2014 I started a second blog on creative writing,, dedicated to Italian speakers, and right away I got 2000 views a month and I'm up to nearly 40 comments per post in less than three months.

I have been trying to understand why ALL YOU CAN WRITE has not been able to reach that goal in over one year and it's rare that I get one or two comments on a post. Is it the language barrier? Is it the extremely large amount of blogs on creative writing available in English? Have I chosen the wrong blogs to follow, or not put enough effort into finding the right ones?

Following experts' advice, I made friends on Google+ and Twitter with hundreds of unknown writers, but that has definitely NOT made a significant difference in the number of followers. 
The Write Practice recommends ten steps to writing a successful blog post:
1. Choose your premise. (Not sure what your premise is yet? Here’s a blog post designed to help you figure out your premise).
2. Start writing. (Just write)
3. Fill in your template. (perfect” blog post template).
4. Write your headings. (smart bloggers use headings).
5. Begin in the middle, with your core points. (the “perfect” blog post template).
6. What’s the problem? (make sure that readers keep reading after the first few sentences).
7. Make the problem harder. (show why this problem is so difficult to solve).
8. Conclude by wrapping up the lead. (conclusion)
9. Catch your readers’ attention with your headline (the most important step!)
10. Read, re-write, and proofread
Let me add that the biggest satisfaction in having a blog is to make new friends. In the next months I will spend more time looking for new blogs to follow hoping to connect with other writers. If you share my hopes and interests, please leave me a note in the comments or send me an email at lisafobia (at) gmail (dot) com

Have a good novel!