Jun 28, 2013


Today my story THE MOST EPIC PARTY EVER was posted online on FLASHFICTION.IT 
This website, run by Cristina Vezzaro, displays 750 words stories and longer stories in two separate collections with no specific demands for genre or style.
I think this is a great opportunity for every beginner writer to show their talents and get feedback from readers.
It took about two days to get confirmation of acceptance of my story THE MOST EPIC PARTY EVER and just over a month to see it published. I also got invited to send a short bio and picture of myself, that you can find here

I strongly recommend you to send your stories to http://flashfiction.it/

Jun 21, 2013


Patty and Fatty are two sisters from the City (which City is up to you!)

Patty is gorgeously blond with big eyes and a kissable mouth. She is turning thirty-four today.

Fatty is a not very attractive twenty-six years old with a clever husband and three lovely kids.

For Patty's birthday, Fatty organizes a BBQ in her rich villa and all their friends gather together to celebrate, bringing along their families and kids.

Patty looks around at this group of people she grew up with and feels that she does not fit in at all. Who are these strangers, who think fun means refurbishing the kitchen and changing smelly diapers?

Fatty knows Patty very well, she feels for her sorrow and, over the birthday cake, asks her if there is anything she can do to make her happy.

Patty asks for a lift to the train station and leaves town on the first night ride available. Destination: the mountains (which mountains, it's up to you!)

The next morning Fatty sips coffee staring out of her rich villa's window, worried for the immature sister. Patty is still awake, looking out to the green countryside turning into a white snowy quilt.
Whatever she meant to do when she left the party, it didn't quite worked. She misses her flat, her bed, her cute teddy bear from Ikea, whom she called Bruno and whom has been her only companion for the past three years. 

Realizing how sad that is, Patty breaths heavily and closes her eyes, summoning all her strength to face the new day.

Suddenly, the snowy mountains appear in front of her, majestic and pure, promising a handful of new exciting adventures. 
Patty forgets her sadness and finds an unexpected smile on her face. 

From now on, she will be the owner of her destiny...

Jun 20, 2013


Famous authors recommend writers to give their characters a credible setting and a good reason to persevere in their current situation.
If a girl is cheated on by a stupid boyfriend, why would she keep seeing them together every day, even if it hurts so much to witness their flaming passion? Well, because she is a waitress in the same restaurant where her ex-boyfriend is a cook! And the bitch? Is she the owner of the place? Or maybe a new trainee.
The restaurant is the perfect setting for a group of people forced to spend together every day, sun or rain, love or hate. 

Picture your hero and his opponent having to deal with their personal teenage crisis in a close environment full of knives, the kitchen of a drive-through busy fast food.

Too much action? What about a romance unfolding through the gossip of the colleagues in a candle-lit super posh French Bistrò?

Ask Lady and the Tramp if a plate of spaghetti al dente is not the best starter for the perfect everlasting relationship.

Now, where are you going to take us for dinner? 
Is it a tourist place in a wonderful setting among the mountains, like Waterton
Or a small café on a tropical beach.. Even better, a couple of travelers opening their own bar hut in a remote pristine nature have.

Wish I was there...

Jun 15, 2013


We have all been through the "I wanna be a detective" phase while growing up. Some of us never quite got over it, let's admit it.

We have all played for interminable hours, armed with a magnifying glass, scrutinizing every room of the house, careful not to touch anything that could compromise the 'crime scene'. 

Various authors, belonging to very different literary genres, such as Kazuo Ishiguro and Maryan Keyes, have used the detective as the main character in their novels to keep us turning the page all night long. 

Resolving a crime can be a hero's soul need to justify a dark family history... or spying on a tax payer can help the pretty girl pay the rent at the end of the month.

Everyone is curios to know how the detective job works, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has drove generations of readers through the maze of the human mind and its cold logic rationality. 

Look around you, there are clues everywhere, check the drawer, the washing machine and the cars passing by. Too lazy? Ok, you can find inspiration on Pinterest then... but only for 5 minutes! Then come back and tell us what you have found!

Jun 11, 2013


Liv is an European girl travelling the world. She meets Noel during a crazy music festival, they spend the night together.

The next day, they say goodbye. Real life gets the best of them, the laughter and drinks fade away, Liv goes back home and finds a boring office job to pay off her debts.

One year later, Liv is back at the music festival, she wanders in the same spot where she met Noel the year before, he's not there. Back home, Liv realizes she misses the guy and tries to find him on Facebook.

Noel is not on Facebook, he's a rebel like that. He's not forgotten Liv tho, and when it's his turn to travel Europe he looks for her following the vague details of her life he knew.

One day, Liv is sitting with her BFF Anna at the cafè at the corner with the Cathedral of her town, gossiping the daily bride, as they have done every Saturday since the beginning of time.

Noel sits beside her, smiling, proud of his investigative mind and her blushing cheeks.

What happen next? Let me know...

Jun 6, 2013


Sometimes we feel lost and lonely, people all around talk and smile and dream but that doesn't make any sense at all to us.
It's like being in a dark, dark place with no exit. Nothing and nobody can help.

At times like this, the writing muse is at its best. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there, pen in hand, eyebrows furrowed, phone switched off.

You finally have those few hours with nobody around and you know you need to look into yourself to find out what's wrong, then why not do it in writing? 

Books that make us cry were written among tears. 
Write about what you know, take us on a trip through your inner soul, show us its dark colors and deep fears. 

Are there goblins? Hyenas? Prime Ministers?

Is your hero a valiant knight in prison or a skinny drug addict single mom, sex working to feed her four kids?
Maybe an Apocalypse that kills whoever made you feel this way would succeed in bringing a smile back on your face. 

Focus on your I.R. (Ideal Reader)
He/she will love a felt account of whatever is in your heart. 
And you might end up publishing a psychological journal! 
And winning an award! 
Well, wow, that would surely lift up your mood... try not to get too happy too quick tho! 
Remember, you've got to finish your sad story first!

Jun 2, 2013


This is the view from the Bear's Hump at Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada.
Just 16km from the border with Glacier National Park, Montana, US, it is the perfect spot to think big and feel inspired.

Lucky me, I will be spending the summer there. And I will dream of the perfect setting for my novel, I'll let my imagination get lost in the beauty of nature.

Will there be a snowy winter with a scary chalet, filled with unknown beasts chasing my hero?
Or would you rather hear of a cozy retreat in the forest, hiding a cute love story?

Maybe it will be an old couple, sharing their memories while sitting around the fireplace. Or how about a group of young hipsters, jumping in the lake, screaming and joking, unaware of the freezing water. 

And then an helicopter appears out of nowhere, and a new story unfolds...
The happy ending is guaranteed!