Apr 21, 2013


 In his book "On writing", Stephen King speaks of the I.R., the Ideal Reader.
The master of horror invites every wanna-be writer to sit in front of the computer and focus on one specific person they want to tell their stories to. In Mr King's case, his I.R. is his wife Tabitha, whom has always been the first one to read, edit and rate his books.
Stephen King also refers to the great Alfred Hitchcock and his wife and I.R. Anna, and tells the story of the famous director stating he wants to fly and his wife replying "eat your eggs first".
My Ideal Reader is a traveler in his thirties who loves pizza and learning new languages. One day after a long trip he sits on a tropical beach resting his head on his old backpack and starts reading a worn down book suggested by a creepy old man in a remote dark book exchange. He falls in love with the book and decides to go find the girl who wrote it (Me! Me!)... and they lived happily ever after.

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  1. So I should be able to answer this, but the fellow on the couch (the one reading so intently) has apparently caused far too much confusion in central processing. Wait, I’m gaining control...I’m looking primarily for women readers that are distracted by guys just like the one above and are willing to entertain new ideas. I hope my WIP will attract a broader audience, including men, but it seems that while women will read quite a lot of material written by men, men don’t tend to do the same. ceejae-devine.com