Aug 2, 2013

CONSONANCE - a novel by Lisa Malabanan

Elle Martins is a gifted musician ready to start her first year at College. She is not alone. Elle has the security of her best friends and boyfriend nearby, attending the same University. Everything seems new and exciting, but the moment she joins a rock group, her life changes. The band becomes a favorite among the college crowd. Their performances are a hit thanks to Elle’s musical genius, and the band garners recognition from a major record label. Throughout the school year, Elle struggles over music, decisions, insecurities, and most of all, love. She is grateful for many amazing opportunities, yet the chance of a lifetime is within her grasp. Can she choose the ultimate dream or leave the people she loves behind? 


Reading 'Consonance' is like listening to a wonderful orchestra playing your favorite song in a new unheard style. 
Lisa Malabanan is a great writer, her style is fresh, neat, catchy and delicious. 
The characters in 'Consonance' will grow on you to become real friends who will dearly be missed long after you finish the novel. You will be left waiting for more of these sweet, sexy, sassy teenagers approaching adulthood with an innocent eye and a burning enthusiasm. My rating is 5/5 stars. 
So kick off your shoes, put your feet up, smile gently and enjoy the concert.

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