Nov 17, 2014


One of the fastest way to improve your writing skills is by writing and then writing some more, not just when you are inspired, but even when you are not. The routine of writing every day helps to keep your mind sharp and ready to be creative. Sometimes it seems impossible to stay inspired, and the ideas seem to dry up. A great way to challenge yourself and expand on your writing skill is by the use of creative writing exercises and writing prompts. 


1. Backwards storytelling

 Write a story from the end to the start, drag your audience from the present to the past as you explore the events leading up to the start of you story. 

2. Point of view

Select a short piece of your writing and rewrite the entire thing, using a new point of view. For example if the piece is written in first person try to rewrite it in third person.

3. Character hop
Select a short piece of your writing and rewrite it from a different character’s perspective.  
4. Conflict
Choose two fictional characters (new or familiar to you and your writing) then create a topic or event that would place these two characters into a verbal argument, where each feels that they are completely right. Write in a way that both you and your reader would be unsure who is right, using the verbal sparring as a platform to expose the motivations and emotions of both characters. 

5. Memory

Writing from what we know and have experienced in our lives can add depth and a certain realism that can sometimes be hard to recreate when writing solely fiction. Think back to the first memory that you have, give yourself time to lose yourself in the moment that your mind recalls for you. Then pick up the pen and write with the voice of the child you were, keep your writing on that path, use a child’s language and understanding.

6. Using your own emotions
Think of the thing that you are most afraid of, of a situation that could happen but hasn’t, then write about it the form of a short story.

7. Flash fiction
Take one of your short stories and turn it into a piece of flash fiction (under 800 words)  A simple way to do this by opening a new copy of your story in a word document and eliminating every word that is not 100% needed to propel the story forward. 
Have a good novel!

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