Apr 24, 2014

Flash Fiction, Micro Fiction

Flash Fiction 

The past year I have religiously followed the daily posts on Every Day Fiction. The stories published on this website are no longer than 1000 words, no specific genre required. I tried my luck submitting "The most epic party ever" and after three months I received a very helpful rejection letter containing comments on how to improve my submissions by five different editors. I was impressed by the professional service offered for free and felt motivated to write more. Flash Fiction and Micro Fiction are great ways to get through a rough patch while writing longer novels. We all need a motivational booster to keep us going every now and then, a day off from more demanding tasks.

Micro Fiction

Micro Fiction is short and powerful, in as little as six sentences it contains all the feelings and content of a whole book. Flash Fiction Chronicles offers a very useful "Flash Market" page, including an up-to-date, complete list of websites accepting Flash Fiction and Micro Fiction submissions.

Here's an example of Micro Fiction I wrote for submission to the blog Six Sentences:

Life planning - by Lisa Agosti

Trust me, the only way to beat Life is to get lost. Yes, you heard me. Get lost, let go, don't care, because when you lose your way, that's when you may end up finding yourself. Everyone knows it, Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans, so make sure you sit down and write a detailed bullet-points-to-do-list to let the Universe know you are ready to tear it up and throw it at the wind screaming from the very top of this no-seat-belt-provided-roller-coaster that is being alive. Don't pay attention to all that “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” nonsense. Put each foot in front of the other, dressed in just a grin, your glistening eyes telling the World you are ready.

micro fiction

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