Dec 2, 2013


Project is an online library of 42000 e-books available for free download.
Project Gutenberg  offers books that can be legally shared for free as their copyrights is expired.
This means either the books have been written before 1923 or the author has renounced to his/her work's copyrights.

If you like the idea behind Project Gutenberg you can read about the creators and their philosophy here

Sharing knowledge is everyone's duty and everyone's right.
Do you want to help spreading good literature and a rightful idea? Support Project Gutenberg. Donations are welcome. 

Do you recoil at the idea of spending money for anything except good food or a one-way plane ticket to a sunny beach? Me too. Still, you can participate for free to Project Gutenberg. How? By becoming a volunteer.
This is how I did it.

On my Kindle, on the first page of Anna Karenina, I found a link to Project Gutenberg. 
I googled it and discovered that dozens of volunteers had made possible my free reading of this wonderful classic.

I spent some time browsing around legal questions and FAQ on the Project Gutenberg website and it seemed professional and simple, enough to convince me to register.
A few basic details, an email address and I was done.

After a few seconds I received an e-mail for my account activation, I read a few simple guidelines on how to proof-read and started my first work, choosing it from a list of titles in different languages and themes.

Every day I proof-read one page of any of the books in progress. It takes me about ten minutes. Then all I have to do is save my work so that other volunteers can access it and feel good. Not so hard, is it!

Anytime you can access the stats showing the progression of the work on the books that are being created right then. It's up to you how much time you want to dedicate to Project Gutenberg.

For audio-books lovers follow this link to read or listen for free.

You can help spreading the word by simply showing one of Project Gutenberg buttons/banners on your blog/website.
Choose your favourite here.

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