Dec 23, 2013


There are dozens of reasons to open a blog.

A very good one is that posting is an excellent writing exercise and a unique laboratory for learning the craft.

Some writers use their blog to build an audience, some just wish to better their written communication skills through daily practice. The majority of people start a post without a clear idea of what they want to say and only afterwards choose a title. By the way, choosing the title can be more time consuming and nail biting than completing the whole post.

It's good advice to jot down a post first thing in the morning, just to warm up a bit, leaving longer and more complex tasks for later, when hopefully they will appear less scary and more approachable.

Even a short comment on a fellow writer p
ost helps to ease the way towards the blank page awaiting to be filled with the famous 1000 words we set as a daily goal.

To those (like me) who want to write a book, but lack the courage to get started, the short, contained length of a blog post can help remind us that even "War and Peace" and "The Brother Karamazov" are nothing more than a sum of chapters. 
Chapters come from paragraphs, paragraphs come from phrases, phrases come from words. Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevskyj did start from a single word to create their novels. They probably took notes on the subjects they meant to write about. They wrote short stories, a few chapters, then a first draft.

Write every day,  be free: play with vocaboulary, mix the language, turn the task into a game of reinventing yourself. Write as an eminent professor presenting literary essays, set up a bohemian artist degrading the modern society. 
If you let the words flow, you'll find it's easier than it seems.

Writing daily and freely will transform your writing into a richer and more versatile tool for you to express yourself and your stories. 
Your fantasy will take you where your mind wanders, and sure enough you'll have a better day after enjoying a dress up party with yourself. 
It's a way of loving yourself, spending time with your subconscious, knowing yourself better. 

Why not trying it right now? Write freely, be yourself, or as whoever you wish to be (with) right now!

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