Jan 13, 2015


My Italian holidays are over, tomorrow morning I'm flying to Heathrow and from there I will get the connection to Vancouver, BC. As I pack my bag, I think of what is awaiting me and what I'm leaving behind. 
I try to focus on the good memories I'm taking with me after spending Christmas and New Year with my best friends, and I want to forget the fear of hate and terror that could strike anyone anytime these days.

I was in London in 2005 when the bombs went off, and it would be easy to surrender to panic at the thought of going through main city airports just days after the terrorists' attack in Paris. 

Yet I chose, a long time ago, to live my life freely and boldly, to seize the day. So here I am, telling you I'm ready to go, to fly, to live. Because living is worth the risk, because surviving is not an option.

Writers have a duty to tell the stories they live so that the next generation can learn and do better.

Time to go.