May 23, 2014


EllaElla by L.S. Burton
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I came across the e-book "Ella" while I was looking for Canadian emerging writers on Goodreads.
The title and cover picture captured my attention, the author's bio and affordable price convinced me to buy it.
L.S. Burton has a gift with words, his style is fluid and his vocabulary is enviable.
"Ella" is a short story that challenge the readers to find out what the book is about. Unfortunately I lost the challenge and I have no idea what the real deal is. I can tell the author wants to say something by not saying it and letting me see it. I wish I could.
My opinion on reviews is that there is no bad review, just more visibility. Emerging writers need reviews more than they need coffee, so while I give "Ella" one star out of five, I suggest other readers disregard my opinion and try this peculiar, unique read.

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