Mar 5, 2014


The Peter Pan Syndrome: Men Who Have Never Grown UpThe Peter Pan Syndrome: Men Who Have Never Grown Up by Dan Kiley
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In 1984, Dan Kiley collected his experiences as a counselor and formulated a theory that to this day is still valid and renown all over the world.
"The Peter Pan Syndrome" explains step by step how young boys can get lost in the process of growing up and how certain family dynamics facilitate the choice of flying to Neverland and never grow up.
Dr Kiley uncovers the loneliness and psychological pain stagnating underneath the denial of PPS victims and offers practical advice to lovers, relatives and friends of PPS victims who want to get their loved one back from the Lost Boys legion.
There is a sequel to "The Peter Pan Syndrome" called "The Wendy Dilemma", again by Dr Kiley, dealing with women who tend to find themselves involved in relationship with PPS victims.
Since 1984 some socio-environmental dynamics have changed and it is my understanding that there are girls who suffer from PPS too. I am collecting evidence of the topic hoping to publish the results in 2015. If you have any insight or comment on PPS in women please contact me:

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