Feb 11, 2014


An unexpected treat

This morning I woke up to a stunning view outside my window. White silent snow had covered every single centimeter of land during the night, all the way from the balcony to the still blue ocean.

Snow is one of those magic treats of life that never stop to surprise you, whoever you are. You expect kids to get excited for every new discovery that comes their way. Adults are expected to be self-controlled and rational. You would laugh at a grow up jumping around for a daisy blossom or letting the neighbor dog paw his newly pressed shirt.

PJs and friends

Snow is different; every year when I see the first snow I can't help a "Oooohh..." 
And for a second, just for a tiny moment, hiding away from the real world, I'm a kid again.
Has it happened to you? That's okay. You might even find yourself rushing out of bed, put on rubber boots over you PJs, bury yourself in coat and scarf and before even knowing it there you are, leaving footprints among that white candor. 

There's a part of you that feels guilty for ruining the perfectness of that whiteness. The rest of you is too busy touching and hopping and freezing, taking pictures and, if you are a writer, plotting stories about it.

An Italian around the world

When I meet new people I like to see their eyes growing wide as soon as I tell them I'm italian. I can tell right away, just by those eyes, if they have been to Italy or if it's their dream to go there some day. 
Just-met-acquaintances  can't help telling me the details of each Mario and Luigi they met, how much they loved Tuscany, all focused on trying to remember that little restaurant on the rocky beach of some secret corner of Amalfi.

I always feel bad to admit that they have probably seen more of Italy than I have visited myself, being too concentrated on  wanting to see as much as possible of the rest of the world to find time to visit my own birthplace.
Sometimes I just nod and smile, knowing the real treat is for them to remember those happy days, go down the memory lane, taste that fiorentina steak and Montepulciano red wine on their tongue again.

What snow has to do with steaks

Nothing really. Unless you want to. 
Creative writing is about finding new relations, trying unexplored ways. 
Considering the trillions of words that have already been written and copyrighted in the past millennium, chances are someone has had your idea before.
Still, no one has ever been in your head except you, so here's the good news. You hold the key to an unexplored mine of unique, original, peculiar treasures. Your only weapon against the writers troupes is your inimitable voice, your own writing style. It's always nice to read of a gorgeous prince, his fragile princess and, of course, don't leave out the noisy witch. 
Now throw in some snow and a couple of steaks, and voilĂ . 
A brand new plot is about to unfold.

Have a good novel!

Please note: if the new bestseller coming out in a few months is called "A BBQ love"... 
you owe me a dinner!