Jun 21, 2013


Patty and Fatty are two sisters from the City (which City is up to you!)

Patty is gorgeously blond with big eyes and a kissable mouth. She is turning thirty-four today.

Fatty is a not very attractive twenty-six years old with a clever husband and three lovely kids.

For Patty's birthday, Fatty organizes a BBQ in her rich villa and all their friends gather together to celebrate, bringing along their families and kids.

Patty looks around at this group of people she grew up with and feels that she does not fit in at all. Who are these strangers, who think fun means refurbishing the kitchen and changing smelly diapers?

Fatty knows Patty very well, she feels for her sorrow and, over the birthday cake, asks her if there is anything she can do to make her happy.

Patty asks for a lift to the train station and leaves town on the first night ride available. Destination: the mountains (which mountains, it's up to you!)

The next morning Fatty sips coffee staring out of her rich villa's window, worried for the immature sister. Patty is still awake, looking out to the green countryside turning into a white snowy quilt.
Whatever she meant to do when she left the party, it didn't quite worked. She misses her flat, her bed, her cute teddy bear from Ikea, whom she called Bruno and whom has been her only companion for the past three years. 

Realizing how sad that is, Patty breaths heavily and closes her eyes, summoning all her strength to face the new day.

Suddenly, the snowy mountains appear in front of her, majestic and pure, promising a handful of new exciting adventures. 
Patty forgets her sadness and finds an unexpected smile on her face. 

From now on, she will be the owner of her destiny...