Jun 20, 2013


Famous authors recommend writers to give their characters a credible setting and a good reason to persevere in their current situation.
If a girl is cheated on by a stupid boyfriend, why would she keep seeing them together every day, even if it hurts so much to witness their flaming passion? Well, because she is a waitress in the same restaurant where her ex-boyfriend is a cook! And the bitch? Is she the owner of the place? Or maybe a new trainee.
The restaurant is the perfect setting for a group of people forced to spend together every day, sun or rain, love or hate. 

Picture your hero and his opponent having to deal with their personal teenage crisis in a close environment full of knives, the kitchen of a drive-through busy fast food.

Too much action? What about a romance unfolding through the gossip of the colleagues in a candle-lit super posh French Bistrò?

Ask Lady and the Tramp if a plate of spaghetti al dente is not the best starter for the perfect everlasting relationship.

Now, where are you going to take us for dinner? 
Is it a tourist place in a wonderful setting among the mountains, like Waterton
Or a small café on a tropical beach.. Even better, a couple of travelers opening their own bar hut in a remote pristine nature have.

Wish I was there...