Jun 11, 2013


Liv is an European girl travelling the world. She meets Noel during a crazy music festival, they spend the night together.

The next day, they say goodbye. Real life gets the best of them, the laughter and drinks fade away, Liv goes back home and finds a boring office job to pay off her debts.

One year later, Liv is back at the music festival, she wanders in the same spot where she met Noel the year before, he's not there. Back home, Liv realizes she misses the guy and tries to find him on Facebook.

Noel is not on Facebook, he's a rebel like that. He's not forgotten Liv tho, and when it's his turn to travel Europe he looks for her following the vague details of her life he knew.

One day, Liv is sitting with her BFF Anna at the cafè at the corner with the Cathedral of her town, gossiping the daily bride, as they have done every Saturday since the beginning of time.

Noel sits beside her, smiling, proud of his investigative mind and her blushing cheeks.

What happen next? Let me know...