Jun 6, 2013


Sometimes we feel lost and lonely, people all around talk and smile and dream but that doesn't make any sense at all to us.
It's like being in a dark, dark place with no exit. Nothing and nobody can help.

At times like this, the writing muse is at its best. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there, pen in hand, eyebrows furrowed, phone switched off.

You finally have those few hours with nobody around and you know you need to look into yourself to find out what's wrong, then why not do it in writing? 

Books that make us cry were written among tears. 
Write about what you know, take us on a trip through your inner soul, show us its dark colors and deep fears. 

Are there goblins? Hyenas? Prime Ministers?

Is your hero a valiant knight in prison or a skinny drug addict single mom, sex working to feed her four kids?
Maybe an Apocalypse that kills whoever made you feel this way would succeed in bringing a smile back on your face. 

Focus on your I.R. (Ideal Reader)
He/she will love a felt account of whatever is in your heart. 
And you might end up publishing a psychological journal! 
And winning an award! 
Well, wow, that would surely lift up your mood... try not to get too happy too quick tho! 
Remember, you've got to finish your sad story first!