May 7, 2013


Prologue: Mom Ma goes groceries shopping every Tuesday and every Friday, her cart always full to the brim. 
Every time she dreams of escaping her lovely family of five to live a light, care-free life like the gorgeous skinny blond girl who buys only yogurt and ice lollies.

Opening incident: Mom Ma goes grocery shopping one Tuesday and has to bring her daughter Gredy with her because she is recovering from the chickenpox.
Gredy sees the beautiful ice lolly lady and decides she wants her to be her mom.

Inciting incident: Blondie goes shopping on her lunch break every Tuesday and Friday and sadly buys her single-girl-living-in-a-big-city-with-no-money meals, looking at the voluptuous lady with her full trolley and dreaming of having a kid as cute as her daughter, who now is coming over to talk to her. 

1st complication: Gredy asks Blondie to go to the park together and a blushing Mom Ma begs forgiveness for her cheeky daughter. Blondie agrees to go out together and introduces herself as the PR for TuneMeUp magazine. Mom Ma introduces herself as a full time Mom with four kids and Gredy jumps happily as the kid she is.

2nd complication: Blondie tells Mom Ma she is envious of her family and Mom Ma can't believe her ears. She invites Blondie for dinner so she can see what a mess her life is.

3rd complication: Blondie goes for dinner and loves the family. Mom Ma is a bit drunk and cries her tiredness and envy for Blondie's carefree life.

4th complication: Blondie and Mom Ma agree to swap life for a week. Blondie takes over the four kid and the ever-working husband in Mom Ma's house while Mom Ma goes to TuneMeUp as a guest PR from a famous foreigner magazine based in Antarctica.

5th complication: Blondie sweats her a.s.s. off looking after Mom Ma's family but loves the feeling of belonging. The kids love her because she is young, beautiful and let them do whatever they want, the husband tries to sleep with her but Blondie laughs at his bold bald attempt.

6th complication: Mom Ma is loving her new job and gets offered a promotion as the freshest image of PR solutions. She goes back home to pack her stuff and kiss her kids goodbye.

7th complication: Blondie tries to stop Mom Ma reminding her the responsibilities of having a family but Mom Ma won't hear of going back to her husband and her heavy duty life. Blondie accepts to live in Mom Ma's house to look after the kids until her friend comes back.

Climax and resolution: Mom Ma goes on holiday to Fiji and finds a nice local boyfriend. She learns to scuba dive and live happily ever after. Blondie eventually falls in love with Mom Ma's husband and they get married with the kids blessing. They all go to Fiji to visit Mom Ma and cheers to life and its weird outcomes.