May 5, 2013


Old and wise, white hair and long beard.
Think of Merlin and his messy hut. 
Defender of justice and ready to give his life to fight the Dark Forces, he's the hero supporter, a father figure, like Dumbledore for Harry Potter, like Gandalf for Frodo.

Do you like to keep it light? Bring on a Shrek setting, and your Merlin becomes a 3D senile clown. 
Do you like it weird? Try to beat the Wizard of Oz.
Or show your dark side creating a soulless Death Eaters army.

It's your fantasy world, pick the colors you like the most. 
Is he one? Are there more?
Can he turn the whole sky red? 
For all we know, he can die twice and still be healthy. 
Don't hold off, it's time to risk it. After all, we all love a bit of surreal encounters...