May 3, 2013


Are you fighting with the never ending rainy season? Are you looking out at the snow praying for the arrival of spring?
Get your laptop in bed with you, a new Open Office document open, and travel to a tropical beach like Leonardo Di Caprio in The Beach, an unbeatable bestseller by Alex Garland.
Have you ever seen somebody crying on a beach? Me neither. So pick your smiling muse and bring her to a tropical setting for a crazy party holiday, unless you are more the deserted island type, like Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, or Tom Hanks in Cast Away.
Is your beach being attacked by a tsunami? Could it be a mafia gangsters secret retreat?
Is it in South America rather than Australia? 
What is your hero doing there? Is he ever gonna leave paradise? Or will it turn into a nightmare?
Once you are settled, enjoy the warm feeling of the sun chair under your butt, while you sip on an ice cold Cuba Libre with its little pink umbrella top. Oh yeah