May 2, 2013


Your novel should very well contain at least an Italian interlude, hopefully with this cute... ehm... dog. 
Full of romance, artistic encounters and wine fueled dinners, la bella Italia is the perfect setting for your chick-lit story (Under the Tuscan Sun).
Dotted with snowy mountains, dark alleys, sun kissed islands and gondola trips, your James Bond style hero cannot find a better adventure than Italy.
Are you convinced yet? Do I need to mention Bella running into the Volturi subterranean base?
So pick 'The name of the rose' and get lost in the atmosphere, or if you are Italian (me! me!) then enjoy an Espresso and tell us all about it.
What if the cute dog runs away? 
Why, of course, Raoul Bova will give everything up (even his clothes) to find it :)