Apr 17, 2013


Easy for me to say, the backpacker is a character loved by everyone, especially readers.
Comfortably sitting in their chairs, people of all ages love to fly around the world and see the rainbow colors through the eyes of the gypsy, the globetrotter, the wanderer, the traveler. 
Choose a  WORLD you love and set yourself to task. Where would you like to go? Who are you going with? What would you like to see, touch, taste, and then tell your I.R. (Ideal Reader)?
Travelers blogs are a good way to get you started, pick ideas and study people's interests (A WALK IN SOUTHEAST ASIA). If you don't know any, try STUMBLEUPON.
If you are a backpacker (I am! I am!) and a blogger send me your link HERE for sharing.
Have a good trip!