Mar 20, 2013


'Bird by bird' is an autobiography of author Anne Lamott hidden among some tips for beginners writers.
Or so they say, because all I read was the free sample on my Kindle and now I am stuck wondering if it is worth spending the 9 Euros for yet another book on how to write a book when actually I should just being writing this very  moment.
I loved 'On writing' by Stephen King and I love stories of crappy authors that get finally published after years and years of trials and sorrows.
I am only 5 months in, I have written maybe 160 pages (divided in 5 different projects) and I already dream of my first rejection slip.
Plus there are all the magazines to read, the websites, the blogs... it sure is a new fascinating world.
My excitement ends the moment I sit in front of the half-blank, half-crap page. It would be better to have writer's block and have a nicely clean page than a mix and match of incoherent words.
It would be really helpful if YOU could let me know what I should do. Shall I buy the book? Shall I stop reading and writing and go find a job? (Please don't say that...)
I wish you a bucket of inspiration tonight.
lisafobia xx