May 5, 2014


The Wendy Dilemma: When Women Stop Mothering Their MenThe Wendy Dilemma: When Women Stop Mothering Their Men by Dan Kiley
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Bestselling author of "The Peter Pan Syndrome", Dan Kiley wrote a second self-help book in 1984 called "The Wendy Dilemma" addressed to women who want to stop mothering their men.
Thirty years later, Dan Kiley theory is still actual and compelling, as women's role in society changed but feelings of inferiority and low self-confidence persist.
I started reading "The Peter Pan Syndrome" and "The Wendy Dilemma" as part of external research for a non-fiction book I meant to write before realizing someone else had already published my very same idea in 2011. Luckily I chose not to interrupt the reading and found myself clearly depicted in some of the examples offered from the author of women struggling to find themselves and express their feelings in appropriate ways.
The first part of the book explains who Wendy is, her characteristics and the reasons for them. There is a simple test to help the readers understand how much of a Wendy is hidden in each one of us.
The second half of the book helps Wendy to become a Tinker, by accepting oneself, overcoming through right behaviors an old sense of inferiority, and eventually set free from wrong relationships.
Dan Kiley has a simple, down-to-earth style with lots of examples taken from his daily practice with patients.
The book also offers a list of helpful readings for further support.

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