May 27, 2013


You can't sleep, you are tired of facing problems every day. You close your eyes, wishing there was a different world, you are ready to leave. You look outside, it is dark and silent in the sky.
Not knowing what you'll find can make you feel insecure, wishing to hide inside the warm covers with a book. (Do it! Do it!)

You feel better now, you feel bold enough to follow your imagination and write about your hero, fighting and panting and risking his life, while you are comfortably spread, sipping a cup of hot chocolate.

Now your fantasy is calling, she's up for it. Let it fly, high, high, let it drop a step further. Cause in the dark scary sky, there is always a warm comforting sign.
Up there, smiling or fading or upside down, you can be sure to find it: The Moon. 

The mysterious, cunning, charming, ever-changing moon. Think of all the people of all times howling their hopes and sorrows up to the moon. Little girls and old men equally asking the moon for the key to answer their main questions in life. 

Take those prayers, make them yours. Write about it, let us know.