Apr 28, 2013


In your mind there are tons of neurons connecting your ideas to your experiences. 
Just pick some random neurons, shake them well, throw them back in.
The neurotransmitters will do the rest. You might feel a bit upside down while your serotonin levels race the adrenaline's. 
But hey, what's life without a bit of danger.
Many authors have used substances to help in the process. We don't need any. We are crazy enough as we are...

The result? Your own, original, private IMAGINARIUM, a world where you make the rules of the sky being up or down, if there is any. 

Are there humans?
Are there animals and plants? Which ones?
Are those regular insects or ferocious killers (tracker jackers)?
Are the plants really tall or the humans really small (Umpa Lumpa)?
If there is a house, make it sweet (Hansel and Gretel)or nightmarish (The Blair Witch Project).

The common ground? None. This is your space, this your mind. You alone can take us there. 
So go write about it, and share it with us. We can't wait!