Apr 24, 2013


Prologue: Mr. B loves opera and theaters. He buy two tickets for the "Aida" and on the appointed night shows up at his wife-to-be door driving his new shiny BMW.

Opening Incident: Mr B rings the bell twice but nobody comes to the door. Mr B rings his wife-to-be mobile but it's switched off. After a nerve wracking 30 minutes wait Mr B sets off for the theater on his own.

Inciting Incident: His tickets for the "Aida" are on a balcony where an other couple is seated. Mr B is forced to share the view with these ugly smelly third grade citizens and feels annoyed at his wife-to-be.

1st complication: Not able to enjoy the Opera, Mr B leaves after the first act and goes back to his wife-to-be house. The front door is ajar now, and Mr B sneaks in and peaks around.

2nd complication: Nobody is downstairs, so Mr B goes upstairs and hears noises coming from the bedroom. Sure of what he will find in there, he picks up a flower vase as a weapon against his wife-to-be expected lover.

3rd complication: In the bedroom, Mr B finds an agonizing woman crying in his wife-to-be arms. Mrs B is holding her trying to sooth her sorrows that, from the broken words she utters, appear to come from a son of a bi**ch who broke her heart.

4th complication: Trying not to be noticed, Mr B quietly leaves the room and starts going downstairs, but Mrs B appears after him and confront him on his being there holding a flower vase.

5th complication: Mr B is too proud to admit his jealous driven behavior and invents a story about having seen a possible intruder sneaking in the house while he was checking on her being worried about her absence at the established time for the Opera. Mrs B gets mad with worry at the idea of an intruder and with her sick friend's help starts going from room to room carrying high heel shoes as a weapon.

6th complication: Mr B is still too proud to admit the real reason for his visit and the women end up calling the police. The police men come, fill in a report and take Mr B details as next of kin of Mrs B.

7th complication: Mrs B's friend resumes her crying and swearing, Mrs B hugs and holds her, Mr B prepares to leave. In between sobs he hears the woman speaking of "Aida" and realizes that the man who is mistreating her is the ugly man he was sharing the balcony with earlier that night. He evidently had chosen a different partner for the night out, breaking in the process Mrs B's friend's heart.

8th complication: Mr B decides to take the women to the theater so to confront the ugly man. Once the show is over all three of them are waiting outside the theater and Mrs B's friend face her lover with harsh words and loud slaps. The ugly man tries to run away but Mr B stops him.

9th complication: Mr B's phone rings and the police notifies the finding of an intruder in Mrs B's house. Driving fast his shiny BMW Mr B goes back to Mrs B's house, bringing with him Mrs B, her friend, her friend's lover and her friend's lover's lover. Everybody is shouting and arguing in the car, everybody falls silent when they get to the house and the police is holding a good looking young fellow holding a bouquet of red roses.

Climax: Mrs B gasps and admits the fellow is her lover. Mr B grasps the flower vase and throws it on the fellow's head. Mrs B's friend claws the ugly lover in the face.

Epilogue: The police arrests Mr B and Mrs B's friend, taking them away in the police car.
Mrs B and her lover open a bottle of wine. The ugly lover and his lover leave hand in hand.

What is the premise of this story?