May 4, 2013


Do you still have dreams of being Katniss Everdeen being torn between Peeta and Gale while running swift like the wind? 

Yep, you are not the only one. 

If The Hunger Games trilogy swept you away maybe your next novel hero should be a beautiful and valiant Lady Warrior.

She can be a brunette Xena or a blond Buffy, or why not, an exotic Mulan chopping her long silky hair with a sword.

Sapphic Valkyries have filled centuries of mythology but if you prefer tiny vulnerable teenagers just think of Bella Swan and her mental shield power.

Get ready to create your own Lady Warrior: 
What is she wearing? 
What is her weapon?
Who is her enemy? Creating a good enemy is as important as creating a good hero, but this is a story for another day... 

Still no ideas? Just think of yourself, and what you manage to do, day in day out, fighting with taxes, pollution and family.
I bet you didn't know you are a hero! 


  1. Lisa, you have to thought provoking ideas here. I try writing female heroes but have so far struggled. I am not sure I connect with my feminine side enough. ;)

    1. I believe female heroes are always and only moved by LOVE, whilst male heroes may also be moved by power or pride.
      So if you are struggling with a female hero you can focus on who is trying to save/protect/help and this may help you decide her actions and decisions.